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I am a life-long member of the Church.  It has been everything to me.  It has given me great joy and also great pain.  I served a full-time mission in an area with few sisters.  I remember being discouraged that I was just as capable, and in many cases more capable, than the elders 6 years younger than I was, but I was not allowed to hold a leadership position or work in the mission office.  This is when my eyes opened to the fact that the Church was missing out on an abundance of talent that could be provided by women.

Recently, a close relative accused the women on Ordain Women of being, “more degrading and insulting than vulgar pornographers,” and I was hurt. I realized I feel very strongly about women having the priesthood.  Women of the LDS Church are wonderful, faithful, intelligent, strong, kind, and compassionate.  Wanting the priesthood is a noble thing and giving women the priesthood would change the Church for the better.

I believe women should be ordained.