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I’m a sixth grade teacher and soon-to-be grad student living in the Washington D.C. area. I love investigating the world through travel, literature, and good conversations. The LDS Church has shaped my life in countless ways and I’m grateful for the Christ and family-centered perspective it has brought me. I have been an active and engaged member of the Church my entire life.

Why I believe women should be ordained:

Thomas Jefferson said: “…institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered…institutions must also advance to keep pace with the times.”

The LDS Church is an institution, and as such has a responsibility to examine and reexamine its practices continually. I have seen evidence of the Church progressing on many issues that once seemed fixed and I credit leaders and members for their willingness to question norms and reflect on the circumstances that led to those practices and traditions.

Gender inequality is very present in our world today. In many countries, it results in unimaginable violence and devastation on a daily basis. In my own circles, many roll their eyes when gender inequality or feminism is mentioned, because they have not considered that there are still deeply imbedded beliefs, laws, and expectations that limit and degrade women today. As a global church, we have the opportunity to counter inequality by empowering women as leaders, not just in the home, but with active roles in a legitimate religious institution. The world is slowly awakening to the reality that women are capable, intelligent contributors and that our voices need to be heard. I cannot believe that God feels otherwise. For me, it is not a question of will women be ordained, it is a question of when. I hope that the leaders and members of the Church will seek guidance, not for God’s mind to change, but for their own hearts and minds to be open.

I believe that women should be ordained.