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My name is Richard.   I have been a member and  given service within the LDS Church for 31 years.   I am the father of 8 children: 5 daughters, 3 sons. I am US Army, retired, and West Point graduate.

I request and believe that the priesthood within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints should be extended to all adults who have been instructed in the temple endowment ceremony. I have believed this for a number of years.  I feel that the ordinations should begin by the First Presidency of the church through the General Relief Society Presidency who can then ordain other women, ensuring the long continuity and separation of the men’s and women’s organizations and begin a greater exercise of responsibilities within the two which will be of better service and benefit to women and to men. I believe that there is ample ancient and modern historical and scriptural support for this action and that it is an important step in the continual process of the full restoration of the gospel which will be of great benefit to all people. I respectfully request sincere consideration of this matter and dialogue between the General Authorities of the church and the present Relief Society Presidency to determine the best implementation.

I believe Mormon women should be ordained.