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I’m a lifelong member of the Church who served a mission to Brazil and was married in the temple. I have served as an executive secretary to the bishop, a ward clerk, a Primary teacher, a youth Sunday School teacher, an Elders Quorum president, and a Cub Scouts leader.

I work for a university where I am outnumbered six to one by women in my department. At my job, I have seen how knowledgeable and capable women are and how they consistently outshine many men in similar roles. At church, as a Cub Scouts leader, I trust and lean on my female den leaders. They are my most valuable resources in making Cub Scouts a successful program.

Most importantly, I’m a father of three beautiful, bright, little girls. They are extremely imaginative and see the world with such wonder, as a place full of possibilities. I don’t want them to grow up to discover or feel that they are less valuable or are hindered in their goals based on their sex.

I don’t feel that the ordination of women would diminish motherhood or fatherhood, and I think that we took a major step toward making female ordination attainable with the lowering of the mission age for women. I fully believe that women should be ordained.