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I live in San Francisco with my hottie husband, terrible dogs, and our crazy daughter, and I suppose technically a fetus lives with us too. I love things that sparkle, making cookies when I should be working, jogging, peeling the sticky goo off a new credit card, learning about what makes people tick, my job, and pursuing causes that increase the love, understanding, and equality in this world that so desperately needs those things. I served a mission from 1998-2000. I have been active in the church my entire life despite a very long list of things that are difficult for me to swallow. I currently serve as the Relief Society secretary, although I’m campaigning to get my spot in YW back. 🙂

There are aspects of the gospel that sing to my heart; they make me cry with joy. And there are others that feel like a dagger in my heart and make me cry with sorrow. The inequality of women in the church falls into the latter. I honestly used to believe “separate but equal” but the more I see how that actually plays out, the more I realize there is no such thing. I believe we are doing ourselves a disservice by telling girls that only their boy counterparts have the ability to act in the name of God. We are not only hurting our girls; we are hurting our boys. And we are hurting all of humankind by limiting the amount of good that can be done, confidence that could be had, and lives that could be blessed. There is no way I can or will tell my daughter this is the way God intended for it to be. I believe women should be ordained.