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My name is Roseanna. I’m a BYU graduate, a resident of Salt Lake City, an employee at the YWCA, and a descendant of pioneers on both sides of my family. I served as a Mia Maid president and completed my Personal Progress project as a young woman in the church. I always took my faith seriously, and decided to attend BYU in part because I wanted to challenge and deepen my faith as I moved into adulthood.

About a year ago I was reading someone else’s profile on the Ordain Women website when I finally considered the question for myself rather than in the abstract: what would it have been like for me to grow up in a church where women have the priesthood? All of a sudden I was weeping, imagining the wonderful blessings and closeness that being able to ask my mother and aunts and female mentors for priesthood blessings and counsel might bring. I loved getting a father’s blessing before a new school year or semester, and this was especially true while I was attending college far away from my parents and struggling spiritually. But what if my brilliant and wise aunt who provided emotional support and spiritual healing to me throughout my time at BYU had also laid her hands upon my head? The thought is so sacred and beautiful to me, although it brings me sadness that it did not happen. The spirit whispers to me that this is a possibility still, and a worthy desire. I believe in revelation. I believe women should be ordained.