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My name is Sam. I was born and raised as Nephi of old, with goodly parents who loved the Lord, and still do. I grew up as an active, ordained-to-the-priesthood, EFY-loving, rated-R-movie-abstaining, mission-serving (Taiwan) Latter-day Saint.

I take every opportunity I can to travel the world, the country, and any city I’m in. I love exploring. I also love learning almost anything, including Mandarin, politics, physiology, international relations, nutrition, history, and music. Yoga is my ultimately my favorite exercise, but I’ll try just about anything from rock climbing to dragon-boat racing.

I have spent much of my life trying to build the kingdom of God through service in the Church. My favorite calling is being a home teacher. I love imagining how many auxiliary programs and organizations could be eliminated if we just home and visit taught – loved each other – as we should.

My support of Ordain Women has taken much time and contemplation. I have studied the power we call priesthood, used it, felt something real about it. I believe it is one of the most misunderstood aspects of Mormonism. I have deeply studied both sides of this issue. I know the reasons given as to why women don’t need the priesthood. To me, each falls short of truth.

It is very clear – even to the Church – that God has never forbid women from being ordained. That is not our doctrine. Women enjoy and participate in so many aspects of priesthood, but I believe male-only priesthood is a “tradition of men” that prevents women from having the full priesthood experiences that male Latter-Day Saints enjoy. I believe women should be ordained.