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Hi, I’m Sandy. I am a wife, mother, and dog owner. I work as an attorney to support my family, but I believe my life’s calling is to teach. I love the Church of Jesus Christ because it encourages its members to be both teachers and learners. I serve the women in my ward as a Relief Society teacher and visiting teacher. In the past, I have worked with children in the Primary and adults in Sunday School. I hope to someday teach the Young Women. I know that I also have much to learn.

There are two particular Mormon doctrines that speak to the parts of my soul that hunger for knowledge and thirst for human connection: eternal progression and Zion-building. In the Book of Mormon, Jesus asked his followers, “What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I saw unto you, even as I am.” The prophet Lorenzo Snow later taught, “As man now is, God once was; As God now is, man may be.” I yearn to progress in the gospel and the church. I will gladly serve in any capacity I am asked, but I feel stunted knowing that the vast majority of callings in the church are shut off to me, solely because I am a woman. My brothers grew up knowing the church needed them to be worthy to pass the sacrament, to visit families in the ward as home teachers with my father, and to spread the good news as missionaries. I grew up knowing the church needed me to be worthy to get married and be a mother, goals that felt so far away and almost inappropriate to focus on so intently as a teenager, so I excelled in temporal realms instead. I love being a wife and mother, but I know I have more to give. There are blessings to be had from exercising Priesthood power, not the least of which is the opportunity to become like God through service. Surely faithful women will exercise this power in the next life. Surely we are fit to do so now.

As Mormons we also believe we are called to build Zion here on earth. Priesthood power is essential to this mission. We need priesthood holders to establish wards in parts of the world where the gospel is new. We need priesthood holders to baptize new members, to lead congregations, and to bless children. Imagine the insights and beautiful conversations that would flow from incorporating women, with our unique perspectives, into the decision-making structure of the church. Imagine the reach these women could have working to build Zion not just in the home, but in the world. Imagine the scores of women and girls who would remain in the fold, knowing that they are not only loved, but valued and needed. Surely faithful women are hard at world building Zion already. Surely God only wants to strengthen our efforts now.

I’m a Mormon and I believe women should be ordained.