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I am a lifelong member who was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to “pioneer stock” parents and grew up in Utah.  I served a full-time mission in which I learned to know and love God and to embrace different ideas and peoples.  My relationship with my Heavenly Father is not a problem, he knows what is in my heart.  But the rigidness of gender roles makes me feel uncomfortable and unwanted at church.

I am a working professional Financial Controller and a wife and mother.  I have learned three languages and worked on two continents in four countries.  I am tired of being vilified as the archetype women should never be:  a co-equal with a man.  It is difficult to work alongside men during the week being viewed as a peer and then to go to church once a week and having to assume a more submissive role.  I was blessed by our Heavenly Father with intelligence and ambition, which in a man would be advantageous blessings, but as a woman can only be seen as misguided or scary.

Having a successful career, marriage, and family life involves a delicate balancing act.  For myself I don’t know that I even wanted to receive the priesthood.  What I want are good, honest women priesthood leaders that I can talk to and, most importantly, not receive condemnation for my choice to be a working wife and mother. I want women to be ordained.