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Hi I’m Scott. I was an active, believing Mormon for 48 years. I have since left the Church and am no longer a believing, practicing member. However, my wife, son, two son-in-laws, four daughters and daughter-in-law are still active and believing. Because of this, I still desire all church blessings and leadership opportunities afforded for my wife and daughters. I know that presently they would disagree with me, but as a husband and father that deeply loves them, I want them part of a religion that does not limit or exclude them. I want them to be able to have full equality and access to all the priesthood privileges that now only male members enjoy.

God loves all his children equally and there is no reason to place one gender above the other. I believe that when women are allowed to hold the priesthood and are given more opportunities to lead and to serve, great things can and will happen. I believe women should be ordained!