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I was born and raised as a Mormon in Utah. Ever since I was old enough to comprehend, I soaked up everything I was taught by my parents and church leaders like a sponge. I did everything I was supposed to: I prayed, read scriptures, accepted every calling I was given, attended activities, kept the Sabbath day holy, went to the temple, kept the law of chastity, kept the Word of Wisdom, got engaged to a return missionary, and got married in the temple. I loved the church, and quietly I was putting on a shelf many things that didn’t quite make sense.

Shortly after I was married I had an experience that finally caused the shelf I had created to break. I was angry, I felt betrayed, and I felt as if my whole life was turning upside down. For two years I struggled with what I called a faith crisis. Because of my faith crisis I then experienced a full feminist awakening. I could no longer turn a blind eye to the gender inequality that exists in the Church. I am tired of seeing women shoved into a tiny box that has limited so many of us and has caused us harm.

It is my belief that if women are ordained to the priesthood, we can put an end to gender inequality and finally see men and women rise to their fullest potential. It is my hope that my nieces, nephews, and future children will grow up seeing men and women serving and worshipping equally. I believe women should be ordained.