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Hi I’m Shannon.

I don’t have the soft voice of many Mormon women. My loudness is a product of being raised with my five brothers. I acquired a competitive edge with a little bit of defiance.

I’m tired of hearing talks and lessons in church given by men explaining how women hold the priesthood. The fact that this needs to be explained is evidence to me of the inequality within the policies and structure of the Church. Little boys know that they get the priesthood at 12. There is no question about it.

Motherhood cannot be the equivalent to priesthood because women do not need to be worthy to hold “the Motherhood” and some women cannot or do no want to be mothers. We need clarification on this issue by those in authority to receive revelation for the Church. If, in fact, women do hold the priesthood then women and girls need to be taught how to exercise it. Either way, women in the Church are being overlooked and underused. If women could exercise their priestesshood, imagine how all could work together as equals in hastening the work of the Lord.

I believe women should be ordained.