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Hi, I’m Shannon.

I was born in the covenant in California to a family of what would eventually have 11 children. I play the piano (that was always my calling), go to school full time to become a teacher and have 2 preteen children. I married my husband in the Mesa temple close to 13 years ago.

My whole life I’ve struggled with gender roles, not just in the LDS Church but in society also. I would listen to the song “It’s a man’s world” and it would frustrate me because why does it have to be such a patriarchal society? And yes a man is something without a woman!

As a member of the Church, for so long I went along with the norm. I’m an LDS woman and my job is to stay home and have a bunch of kids. My husband will support me financially and spiritually and will be in control of the home and I’ll never want for anything. Living that way completely removed my identity! There I was with two elementary school children who were gone all day, unable to have any more, and what was I supposed to do? Babysit other people’s kids or make meals for families with new babies or craft something from Pinterest? That wasn’t going to work for me, so I went back to school to make something more of myself in this “man’s world.”

While all this was going on, I really struggled with patriarchy in the Church. Why can’t women sit on the stand on Sundays except to do the music or give talks? Why aren’t the women leaders capable of handling the weekday activities without having a man there when the men don’t need a woman present? Why, when faced with a need to repent or as young women, can’t we discuss our issues with a woman rather than a guy who may lack the emotional connection to the feelings of a female? And above all questions I’ve had, why would my 12 year old son have more power than me and authority over me in the Church? My questions were never answered and I was accused of lacking faith in God’s will and not following the prophet. How will following a prophet help me to explain to my daughter why she can’t pass the sacrament?

I’m here in support of my sisters who want answers to these questions and who want to be seen as equals to the men in the Church, who want to experience all that God has to offer and not just what men will allow.

I believe women should be ordained because while I’m no longer active in the LDS Church, I was for 33 years and I feel my voice deserves be added to those who hope for change for our posterity.