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I am a 34-year-old married mother of 2 sons. I work full-time in public charter school administration. I am passionate about education. During the summer my husband and I run a business that allows us to travel the world with our two sons. In my free-time I love to run, walk and explore the mountains near my home in Utah County.

Why I’m Mormon:

I come from a long line of strong Mormon women. I grew up hearing the stories of my female ancestors who crossed the plains or the ocean to be with the Saints in Utah. Some of the best leaders I have met have been women who serve in Relief Society leadership. I am grateful that I was taught at a young age in Primary that God loves me.

Why I think Women Should Have the Priesthood:

I believe women should be ordained to the Priesthood and serve in the highest ranks of leadership because I believe it is the only way there will ever be true gender equality in the LDS Church. I believe that loving Heavenly Parents would want nothing less for their sons and daughters. I want every child I teach in Primary to know that all are equal in the eyes of God.

I’m a Mormon and I believe women should be ordained.