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My name is Stanton. I grew up in Utah and am a 6th generation Mormon. I enjoy studying the gospel, listening to music, learning about science and spending time outdoors. I work as a financial analyst in Salt Lake City and have a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.

My wife and I currently teach Sunday School together. A few months ago I was serving as Elders Quorum President. The gospel has always been important to us and an indispensable part of our lives. We read the scriptures daily as a family and individually, we pray many times daily together, we hold Family Home Evening every week, we strive our best to fulfill our callings and we love being able to teach others about the gospel.

I believe that women should be ordained to the priesthood. God is no respecter of persons and as we strive to be more like Him and draw closer to Him, we should all have the ability to directly use His power to bless the lives of others in an official capacity. Men and women are equally capable of guiding the affairs of the church–the difference is that only men can preside, since they hold the priesthood. This is something that can and should be changed.

I don’t think that anyone is advocating that church leaders just throw everything in the face of the Lord and go along with Ordain Women. I think that we just want the leaders to simply ask the Lord if this can be done. David O. McKay did it over and over in regards to blacks and the priesthood and was repeatedly denied. But he kept asking. And Pres. Kimball kept asking. That’s all we can hope for–that President Monson will ask God. My personal feeling is that President Monson should offer a special prayer at this next General Conference, specifically asking if women can be allowed to hold priesthood offices and be ordained unto this power, just as men are. I think that as he offers this sincere prayer with real intent, and as we ponder upon his words, that the Spirit can bear witness to the church as a whole as to what the Lord’s will is and that we can accept His will, whatever it may be. The law of common consent can truly shine forth, and President Monson can prove to the world that he is our spiritual leader and will guide us to God.