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I grew up in a very active Mormon family, and I was a very obedient child. While certain things about Mormonism have never felt right to me, for a long time I was terrified to rock the boat or make waves. I have since developed a passion for human rights, and I am no longer afraid to speak out. When asked why I, as a man, even care about ordaining women, I respond with the words of one of my heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I cannot think of one good reason to deny women the priesthood. Yes, motherhood should be highly valued; however, I believe that neither motherhood nor potential motherhood should disqualify women from leadership roles in any organization. In all honesty, I believe mothers would bring talents and perspectives to Mormon leadership circles that would benefit the community immensely. I do not believe that my gender makes me any more or less qualified to lead than any other person.

Furthermore, I do not believe that gender pigeonholes anybody into any particular role. Some would say that so-called gender roles in Mormonism are “separate but equal.” I would say that equality requires no separation; in fact, equality demands precisely the opposite. If we can learn anything from The Civil Rights Movement and our society’s long road toward racial equality, it is this: separate is not equal.

I believe in gender equality: in education, in government, in business, in the home, and yes, in religion too. I’m inspired by everyone who has participated in the Ordain Women movement, and I’m proud to add my voice. I believe women should be ordained.