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My name is Stuart.

The church provided a good foundation for my childhood and teenage years–I had many friends and felt at home in the community. As I got older and more aware of the rest of the world and society, I had a growing sense that some aspects of the church didn’t feel right to me. One of the biggest things that began to draw me away was the role that women played in the church:  in its hierarchy as well as the expected behaviors of its members. It didn’t seem fair to me that something like gender should determine what you are allowed to do or how you are allowed to worship. As it seemed to me, if a church was the absolute truth then it should feel good to follow the doctrines instead of going against what I consider ethical and moral in other aspects of my life.

Churches change. The LDS church has changed over time and probably will continue to do so, and it’s not a bad thing.  Its necessary to remain attached to society instead of losing more and more members. Ordaining women I believe is the next step, just like extending the priesthood to men of all races was 35 years ago.

I now have children of my own and am feeling like I need to start becoming an active part of a church again, to be part of a community again and to help give my children a good moral foundation for their childhood. That being said I don’t think I can do that in good conscience with a church that I feel is discriminatory towards different people. I hope someday it can change and be more welcoming and accepting of all genders and orientation.