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I have thought long and hard about submitting a profile over the last 12 months, and have not done it before now because of pressure from my extended family. However, in the last couple of weeks I’ve decided to be myself, no matter what. I have been a fully-active member of the church for almost 25 years. I served a mission, graduated from BYU, married in the Temple and served as Primary President, Young Women’s President, on our Relief Society and Stake Young Women’s Presidency , and I have taught Sunday School and Gospel Doctrine. I treasure the experiences I have had to love and be loved, serve and be served by wonderful people I have met in the church.

God is no respecter of persons, and I know he loves me as much as every other human. He wants me to discover and grow my talents through the varied experiences life offers. I do not believe He would want to limit my experiences of blessing, loving and serving others due to physical anatomy. Currently women live in a subordinate status in the Mormon religious tradition, and for myself, my daughters and my sisters around the world I will join the people saying that now is the time to seek God’s will on this matter.

Ordaining women will make it possible for women to more fully worship God and share their faith in service to humankind. I believe that women should be ordained.