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I am technically (only really technically), not a woman. And although I may not be a woman (technically), I have felt increasingly compelled to contribute in some way to the Ordain Women movement.

Like many of us, this compulsion is powered by a deep love for the great LDS women in my life that deserve better. The Ordain Women movement, to me, is for my three nieces, none of whom are old enough to be baptized but all of whom will likely spend the rest of their lives as members of the LDS faith. They are the three greatest people I have ever met and it saddens me to think that they may be unable to worship God without being seen as less for being born daughters and not sons.

As my nieces grow and are taught to love and respect their church, my only hope is that the Church has earned and is deserving of that love and respect. It is because of them that I believe women should be ordained.