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I’m a Mormon. I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. I’m a student. I’m an activist. I’m a storyteller. And…I support the ordination of women.

About Me:

Howdy! I grew up in Texas and come from a wonderful large family where 9 creative and thoughtful siblings and 2 intelligent and Christ-like parents have inspired me. In my home I have witnessed my parents practice a divine form of gender equality, and it is because of their example that I have always felt a need to ensure that no woman feels inferior to a man. I was named after my Great Aunt who spent her life taking care of those around her, whether they lived in war-torn Europe, Vietnam, Iran or even home in Utah. I’ve tried to live my life to support those who are under represented in the world, and have advocated for a world of peace where human dignity is respected.

Why I am a Mormon:

I love how being a member of this church has pushed me to seek for anything that is “virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.” I love the pure elements of Christianity that I see in visiting teachers, missionaries and every day members. I have felt the peace of the spirit many times in my life and believe in the sacredness of Christ’s doctrines.

How I live my faith:

I have been an active member of the church all my life. Even if I have lived in an area where the church is not nearby I have sought to lead a life of charity where the spirit can be present. I earn for things that are holy and uplift my life as well as seek for ways that I can care for those around me. I yearn to live a life that adheres to Christ’s teachings on the Sermon on the Mount.

Why I think Mormon women should have the priesthood:

I have never heard a reason as to why women do not have the priesthood that eases my soul. I have felt this gap inside of me for most of my life that won’t let me be at peace. Modern day prophets and apostles have told others and myself that women and men are completely equal. I do not believe that women have to access godliness through men. I never want a woman to feel that her prayers to God do not have the same potency as a man’s. I believe that the church can only be strengthened with more women in positions of leadership. I have had to live years of my life without access to the priesthood because there was no male member of the church near me. The first woman to ever vote in the United States was a Mormon woman. We have a glorious history of supporting the strength and dignity of women.