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I support female ordination because when my daughters ask why boys have the priesthood and girls don’t, I have no good answers. Some people will tell them that girls grow up to be mothers and boys grow up to be priesthood holders, but that’s not true. Some girls never grow up to be mothers; no boys grow up to be only fathers. All God’s children grow up to be what their opportunities and spiritual gifts allow, and no child of God grows up to be one thing only—a category, a statistic.

Some people will tell them that our Heavenly Parents do not want Their daughters to be priesthood holders, but that’s not true either. Our Divine First Parents love each one of Their children, whether that child is a girl or a boy or a little bit of each. They want Their children to reach through the limits of frailty and error to claim all the blessings of their divine lineage, including the giving and receiving of priesthood service, blessings, and ordinances. I know this to be as true as any gospel truth I know.

I am a father, a husband, a friend, and a high priest. I have blessed and baptized my children; taught primary and Sunday school; counseled with bishops, branch presidents, and stake presidents; issued temple recommends; managed church buildings and funds; heard confessions; and much, much more in this Church and in this priesthood. In doing so, I have been blessed beyond what I deserve and in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I have also studied, and I have prayed, and I have listened, and I have learned. I believe these opportunities and blessings are open to all God’s children, regardless of gender. I believe it is now up to us to recognize that and to make it so.

I believe women should be ordained.