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I’m a lot of things. Everybody’s a lot of things really. But some of mine are Mormon, poet, prog-rocker, Ultimate player, recreational wearer of Renaissance clothing, big brother, soon-to-be-missionary, embarrassingly good air-guitarer, haver of really great hair, agent of mercy, avid Homestuck reader, half-decent moonwalker, forest-strider, wearer of hats, child of philosophers, got best friends called God.

There are myriad logical reasons to ordain women. Look elsewhere for those. I am here because I love. People who matter to me, female and male, have been deeply wounded by inequality. I am here to protect them and champion them. I am here because I feel their pain more than my own. Because I have friends who joined this movement asking someone to finally recognize their amazing worth. Because I know brilliant people who suffer in silence, drawn and quartered by the truth of the Gospel versus the injustice seeping in through our oh-so-human minds. Because my Mama is the most shining spirit I’ve ever seen and the world tries to put a bushel over her. Because I promised by loving these people that I would sprint ahead of them and clear their way until long after my heart bursts.

In a sense we are on Earth to hurt–to laugh and to cry and to make healing its own better strength. But when so much pain hinges on one thing–this way we have of speaking like we love equality and acting like we know not the meaning–I cannot but say it needs fixing. I choose to trust the victims when they tell me how it could be, and right now that is to show past doubt that the genders are equal in power and glory.

The most true church is an organization of reaching and falling and climbing humans taught by a perfect Family Beyond The Skies. I believe They are bemused and overjoyed and frustrated and head-over-heels smitten with every one of us, dispensing truth every time we run to them with another splinter in our feet. And I believe it is time we asked more questions, built more of Zion, told Them we are ready, and maybe started living in the city on a hill They are trying to build with us.