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My name is Todd. The organization of our church is a continual process that grows and adapts with each generation. As we collectively align our will with that of our Heavenly Parents, new light and knowledge is given to us. I cannot read the scriptures and the promises made to holders of the priesthood and see how women are merely appendages to those promises. All ordinances and temple work direct us toward a kingdom on earth of priests and priestesses working side by side to bring the gospel of faith, hope, and love to our communities. Serving in the church as a missionary, or in Elder’s Quorums, or branch presidencies, as well as various administrative callings, I am exposed to tremendous women of our church. My wife and I team-teach the youth in our ward and help them find the strength to answer their own questions and stand on their own feet. We love sitting down with our four year olds for a game of Mario Kart or splashing in some water. I want my boys to grow up in a world where they labor side by side with women in the vineyard.

I cannot help but feel the work would be hastened and God’s promises fulfilled if women could be brought into full fellowship of the priesthood as equal partners. I believe women should be ordained.