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Hi, my name is Tony.

There are few things I feel more strongly about than gender equality, and I believe that the ordination of women would be a huge step in the right direction for the Church.

About me:

I was born into the Church with loving parents who faithfully attended meetings every week and always fulfilled their callings. I have fond memories of going out to eat at the Golden Coral Buffet every time we finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family. Indeed, for me, growing up Mormon was one of the most important parts of my personal identity.

After returning home from a two-year mission to the Philippines, I married an amazing woman who served a mission to Chile. A lovely stained glass art piece created by my mother of the San Diego Temple hangs in our living room. We welcomed our first child while finishing school at BYU-Provo, the only university I ever considered attending.

Having been active my entire life, I have had the opportunity to serve in many different callings including: Deacon’s Quorum President, Sunday School Teacher, Young Men’s President, Scout Master, Financial Clerk, Elders’ Quorum Advisor and a counselor in the Branch Presidency.

I love the Gospel and cherish my Mormon heritage.

Extending the priesthood to women is the right thing to do:

Gender inequality is not just a problem for women: gender inequality hurts everyone. Subordinating women to men in relation to the Divine in our most sacred ordinances and rituals, destructive “female modesty” rhetoric, narrowly defined gender role stereotypes, and the general misogyny that exists in the Church, though not directly connected to female ordination, are just a few of the issues that would undoubtedly improve over time if our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters were given the priesthood.

In a 1997 interview on ABC, President Hinckley indicated that there was currently no “agitation” within the church for Mormon women to have the priesthood. Without the agitation of faithful members, leaders have no need to petition God for additional revelation, and the saints cannot progress.

I picture Heaven smiling down on the LDS Church back in 1978 when we were finally ready to end the priesthood ban on black members. Similarly, when we collectively desire to give truly equal ecclesiastical power to women, not just a lip-service to a “separate but equal” role, I am certain the Lord will be more than happy to instruct the Prophet to extend the blessings of priesthood ordination to include women.