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I was born and raised in Provo, and I have been an active Mormon my whole life. I am working on my second degree at BYU, both in Psychology, and I am fascinated by how the mind works. I spend most of my time reading about it or attempting to put the things I learn to use with other people. I hope to be an Air Force psychologist in the next few years, then have a private practice sometime in the future. I also find Buddhism and mindfulness fascinating, and I hold a degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy (mindfulness and therapy). You’ll never meet someone more obsessed with breathing than me. I meditate regularly.

I have served in several callings from nursery leader to primary teacher to Sunday school president to branch president. I served in the Ukraine Donetsk mission and spoke Russian. Nursery is the closest thing to the Celestial Kingdom I’ve experienced in the church. Every calling I’ve held has helped me grow spiritually and practically, and I believe I was given each for a reason.

I believe my connection with the Spirit is my greatest tool in dealing with life’s questions, and I try to seek it out in everything that I do. My family, particularly my wife of seven years and my nearly-here baby boy, is the most important thing in the world to me, and the church’s teachings on the subject bring me hope and comfort. I believe that Mormonism runs through my blood and helps defines who I am, and without it I would feel lost and confused about why I’m on this earth. I love this church and its people dearly and I have committed myself to do everything I can to build the kingdom.

Because I believe in a living church that benefits from continuing revelation, I know that change is an expected part of the church. I know that truth is more important than tradition, and I know that God awaits our faith before He will act in many cases. I know these things are true because the Holy Ghost has testified of their truthfulness to me. The Holy Ghost has also led me to believe that women should be ordained. It is not just a thought, nor is it just a feeling. It is all of that plus a conviction that lives in my heart and in my mind. I believe it as much as I believe the church is true and led by Jesus Christ Himself. I don’t care if it is popular because I know it is right. I believe in the Spirit and I believe what it tells me. I believe women should hold the priesthood.