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I am a 34 year old mother of 4. I like to run, I play the flute in a band and this summer I am working on my gardening skills.

I want my daughter Maddie to grow up in a church where she has the same access to God as her brothers, that God will talk to her as much as He (or She) will talk to any man. I want her to be spiritually independent, and if she chooses to get married, I want her to expect that both spouses will be equal partners, that her husband will not ‘preside’ by default, but rather that they will work together and divide up the responsibilities of their family by their talents and strengths.

I don’t know exactly what a church with ordained women will look like, or how it will function, but I have faith that the good men and women of the Mormon church can work together and make Mormonism a better place for everyone. I am Valerie and, for my daughter Maddie, I believe that women should be ordained.