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My name is Floyd. My wife Sylvia and I would like to extend our greetings and salutations to all.

Both Kate Kelly and Lillian Lewis, a Catholic in Michigan, have each wrestled a corrupt doctrine, in my opinion. Have these women committed apostasy? I say no!

Hebrew language research indicates that a woman has the right to select the role of a pastor or priest. Yes, a Priest! How is this possible? World renown Hebrew translator, William Gesenius, believed the following: “After studying philosophy and theology at the University of Helmstadt, he (Gesenius) became increasingly convinced of the necessity of approaching the Hebrew Bible with the same critically accepted techniques that were applied to any other text.” He suggested translating the Holy Scriptures as any other book. Because of death threats, he was forced to abandon this project. However, strictly following the rules of Hebrew grammar is all that is necessary to render an accurate feminine message from Ecclesiastes.

Parishioners are not aware that religious tradition often establishes Hebrew grammatical violations. These violations are then passed along during the English translation process. Gesenius knew that these violations couldn’t be supported under critical examination. For example, one major violation is the lack of gender agreement found throughout the Books of Ecclesiastes. The title “Ecclesiastes,” usually hides the Hebrew title “Qoholeth.” In Hebrew, Qoholeth contains the prefix “Qahal.” Qahal has one function: any word to which it is attached must exclusively define a female. What do the experts say?

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the attachment of Qoholeth to any male is uncritical. “Beyond the fact that Ḳohelet was uncritically identified with Solomon, it seems impossible to discover any connection between the two names.” Also famed Hebrew translator and concordance author James Strong agrees: ‘Qoheleth ko-heh’-leth feminine of active participle from (qahal) a (female) assembler.)” The Famous Adam Clarke: “The word Koheleth is a feminine noun, from the root kahal, to collect, gather together, assemble; and means, she who assembles or collects a congregation … Utilizing gender agreement, Better Off Born Dead: The Christian Compliancy Theory discovers Ecclesiastes’ female pastor.

I surrendered my church membership because I supported my wife, as she became a female pastor. Later, we both became licensed and ordained ministers. I devoted my ministry to Gesenius’ suggestion and made a presentation of my findings to the Society of Biblical Literature’s International Convention at Edinburgh University, Scotland. In 2006, I became a member of the International Oxford Round Table, Oxford England. I hold both an MA and a BA from the University of Redlands, California. After almost 40 years, my public school career includes teaching English, middle school Dean, and high school principal. Yes, I believe, and can prove, that women should be ordained.