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Hi, we’re Morgan and Birte.

Morgan and I currently live in London and married a year ago in the Copenhagen Temple. Morgan is from the United States, works at a film distribution company, and enjoys riding his bicycle. Birte is from Germany, works in special needs education, and often travels to Germany to spend time with her family. Birte currently serves in the Primary in our ward and Morgan is the Young Men’s President. We chose to submit this profile together because we share similar beliefs and feelings with regards to gender equality in the Church and elsewhere.

We both value the gospel of Jesus Christ and have built our lives around its teachings. Our individual relationships with God are very unique and have been developed through many difficulties and struggles – both internal and external. It is because of these experiences we are who we are today.

We believe in a loving God who knows us each individually. We believe in the power of the atonement and the comfort that comes from a personal relationship with the Saviour. We believe in the importance of agency and recognise that each person’s journey to come to know God is personal and varied. We believe that it is through prayerful questioning, discussing, and studying that we come to know God. We believe that there should be space in the Church for everyone regardless of where they are on this journey to know God. We also believe that “all are alike unto God” (2 Nephi 26:33). As such we believe that women should be ordained.