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私は16歳の時、日本でバプテスマを受けモルモン教会の会員になりました。 18歳の時、モルモン教会の地であるユタ州に来て、それ以来今日に至までここに住んでいます。


女性も一人の人間として、また、神の子として、男性と同じ“神権”,すなわち “力”そして“権利”を授かるべきです。それは、モルモン教会の今後の発展に置いても、とても大切で必要なことになると信じています。

English Translation:

My name is Toshiko. I currently live in Utah (United States).

When I was sixteen, I was baptized in Japan, and became a member of the Mormon Church. When I was eighteen, I moved to Utah, which is the land of Mormonism, where I have lived ever since.

Our church emphasizes “family,” and teaches that families are important. Men are given the priesthood, which is the special power of God, and use it to manage both their families and the church. This is a wonderful thing, but women are required to follow the decisions of priesthood holders, without being able to demonstrating their own abilities. For this reason, women are not given the opportunity to demonstrate their own unique capabilities, but they are required to make large sacrifices.

Because women are human beings and the children of God, just like men, they should be given the priesthood, which is the power and authority of God. I believe that ordaining women is very important and necessary for the future growth of the Church.