Read all 34 quotes here (all in one document with links to the original handwritten pages) or below, including those on women and priesthood from the Doctrine and Covenants itself, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Eliza R. Snow, and many other witnesses of the Restoration.  Read these words in their own handwriting, thanks to the Church’s own Joseph Smith Papers.

We wish you luck in your personal studies and conclusions given what was recorded and preserved in our own scripture (D&C sections 25, 42), Church history, letters, and journals. OW does not take an official stance on whether or not Joseph Smith ordained women during the Restoration.  More importantly—regardless of what did or did not happen before Joseph’s early death and Brigham Young’s disbanding of the Relief Society in 1844 for 20 years–we firmly believe that the LDS Church, through God, is capable of remarkable innovations with continuing revelation.