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Eve from Arizona

As we approached the door, two men were standing on either side and one said that the session was available on TV. We were encouraged to watch it at home. I said, “It’s my understanding that it’s also available for us to watch here, and we’d like to attend at the building.” He basically said he guessed that was okay and opened the door for us.

We sat about 3/4 of the way up in the chapel. A man, who turned out to be a counselor in the stake presidency, came down from the stand and asked our names. He also asked about another woman he thought was going to attend. He told me we were welcome there and went back to his seat.

The session was uneventful. Afterward several men shook our hands and said they were glad we were there. One introduced himself as a bishop of one of the wards. A counselor in the stake presidency spoke with us for a few minutes, and we shared why we had attended. He told us he could tell that we were nice women with testimonies and encouraged me to talk about my concerns with my bishop. Then we left.