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Traci from Nevada

Dressed in purple, my husband and I headed out to meet an OW supporter for dinner before the priesthood session started. To our surprise, he brought his 11- year-old daughter with him. I was overjoyed and wished that we had brought our daughter too. We had a lovely time talking and getting to know each other. As we left to head over to the church, we came upon our car and a very flat tire. We hitched a ride with the friend we had just met.

The parking lot at the church was pretty full. I wasn’t expecting that. As we walked in, I noticed a few other men wearing purple. Soon I was greeted with a very warm smile and a handshake. All I could think was, “This is so wonderful. I’m being welcomed with open arms.” Not so. The handshake turned into a hand on my back pulling me in closer to a man who happened to be a counselor in the stake presidency. He said, “Oh, honey, this is a meeting just for the boys.” I pulled away from him, and I said, “Yes, I am well aware of that. However, I’d like to hear what’s said today too.” He then said, “Uh, well, um …” I didn’t wait for him to finish. I walked by him with my husband and friends and took my seat.

 A participant from Oregon

I had a lot of anxiety leading up to Priesthood Session.

We had a gentleman who greeted us in the hall and seemed genuinely confused at our attendance. He thought we were there to be disruptive. Another gentleman seemed more inclined to “put us in our place” and preach to us, but we were able … eventually [to]take our seats. If anyone else paid any attention to us, it was not obvious.

I felt the Spirit envelop me at the meeting. I heard the speakers talking to me. I felt like I did at Zone Conferences on my mission. I knew I was in the right place but did feel the sting of powerlessness in my community. I may have equal spiritual power, equal understanding of the scriptures, and equal love from my God, but my voice is not equal to my brethren.


An Ordain Women supporter from Canada

I have a wonderful husband who completely supports me and watched the session by my side.