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2014-03-13 04.35.07Tell us more about your connection (upbringing/introduction) to Mormonism.

I was raised in the church and baptised at the age of 8.  I got all of the applicable awards, medallions, and callings requisite to be properly called a Molly Mormon. 

What was your favourite calling?

            I really loved being a Sunday School teacher.  I love discussing the scriptures and the gospel. I feel like it is a special opportunity to seek after the mysteries of God as a community. 

What are some examples of gender inequality you see in the Church?

            I see the differences in the way Young Men and Young Women are treated within the institution.  I see the difference in the way they are prepared for adulthood.  I see a difference in the rhetoric used to address men and women.  I see a difference in opportunities to serve and bless each other.  I see a difference in authority and leadership. Basically, everything we do is affected by the fact that men hold the priesthood and women do not.

How did you discover Ordain Women?

Facebook.  Where else do we found out anything in this world anymore? I had friends talking about it a few days before the official founding.

What prompted you to put up your profile?

            I have believed that women will one day receive the priesthood for years and years.  I rarely discussed it, because it was such a taboo topic, but that testimony has been there for a long time.  When OW was founded, I was dealing with a very difficult pregnancy and so was too consumed with that to join the cause right away.  Then after the first priesthood action in October 2013 I was so crushed at the outcome.  When the time for t2015-06-30 12.03.46he priesthood action in April 2014, I knew I needed to be a part of it.  I needed to stand with my sisters and share my witness. I submitted my profile and started putting my efforts towards agitating for ordination.

What has been the reaction of your ward/ family/friends?

I’ve had members of my family and some friends back out of my life.  It hurts, but I remain hopeful their hearts will be softened.  Much of my family and friends have let me know they love me unconditionally, and some have even made sure I know they agree with me completely.

Have you had the opportunity to attend any actions? How did they effect/change you?

As mentioned, I did attend the priesthood action in April 2014. It was such a powerful experience.  Standing with so many others who could see and understand the importance female ordination gave me so much strength.

What gives you hope for the future?

I see so much openness about female ordination from young adults.  It is becoming less and less taboo to speak about these things and topics like Heavenly Mother. It gives me hope to see small changes: like women praying in conference and women being added to the church councils.  I am hopeful these incremental changes are steps along the path to full parity. 

Aside from ordination, what are some changes you would like to see implemented immediately in the Church?

Besides ordination and full parity for women, I would really like the church to become better at intersectionality.  Racism and homophobia are such major institutional problems and are pervasive throughout our culture.  I would really love to see us become a more inclusive community.