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OW Conf

To try and understand more about those who participated in the October priesthood session action, I surveyed participants online and received 76 responses. Survey participation is voluntary, so it is unclear how many women and male allies attended the priesthood session.

Generally speaking, who participated in the Ordain Women October Priesthood Session Action?

  • Members of the LDS Church, who make up 95% of respondents
  • People who attend church regularly, with 73% of respondents attending church regularly–just 8% report that they do not attend church
  • Mostly young people, with 67% being age 40 or under
  • Mostly women, but 15% are men
  • Predominantly US residents, with 91% of respondents currently living in the US

Have participants experienced any difficulty with Church leaders as a result of supporting Ordain Women?

70% of respondents answered “No”

How did respondents participate in the event?

  • 55% attended/attempted to attend the priesthood session at a ward or stake building
  • 38% watched the session from home

What made respondents want to participate in this event?

The following are selected responses:

“I see myself as a prospective priesthood holder. I want to prepare for that responsibility and I want to show my local leaders and fellow Church members that I am sincere and ready to do the work.”

“I wanted to join with my fellow saints at the priesthood session and take the conversation to the community in which I live.”

“Well, I was taught in church growing up to have the courage to stand up for what you know is right, even if you stand alone.”

How did the participants feel about their participation?

71% of respondents rated their experience as “Positive” or “Very Positive”