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Hi, I’m Jamie. I joined the LDS Church three months ago. I have watched my husband move through two different levels in the priesthood and also baptize our son.

I enjoy that there is no pastor per se and that we all get to speak in the Church. I enjoy the family aspect too. I stay confused in my role as a woman because I know that the role I could play in the Church is bigger than just as a member.

It was I who led my family down this path to find the Church. My son and husband actually teased me. I have never been a follower but this experience has humbled me and made me listen more. In that light it has strengthened my spirit. I have ignored my feelings towards women having the priesthood because of all the other positive influences that joining the Church has had in my family. My son is more respectful. My husband stands taller.

The adversary has definitely tried to put a damper on us growing in the Spirit. This only tells me that I am headed in the right direction. My thoughts are that the Bible speaks of women prophets also in Act 2:17-18. There were several women prophets in the Bible. Some who were the core source to the Christian religion.

I like being able to speak to my sisters about family life and our God. I think why not have priestess’ in the Relief Society. If women weren’t meant to join the priesthood, why throughout the bible are women used to teach us lessons or show us the future.

I believe women should be ordained.