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I am an active member of the church. I’ve held a wide variety of callings—everything from Relief Society president to sunbeam teacher. I was raised in an active LDS household, graduated from seminary, graduated from BYU, married in the Boise temple, and am the mother to three beautiful boys. Because of what I have learned in the temple, I always felt that women would be ordained to the priesthood eventually.

I know that there are many women in the church that don’t feel the inequality that I see. But, I want to echo what many other women have said in their profiles. Equality is not a feeling. It can be quantified and measured. I see it twice a year when I watch 10 hours of conference, and in that time hear from women for maybe 30 minutes. I see it when women’s meetings are held, but only with the men presiding and with a man giving the keynote address. I see it when a new ward or branch is formed, and they count how many priesthood holders are necessary… but they count no women because none are actually required. I see it when I examine the financial decisions made by the church at every level and realize that no woman is ever involved in any of those processes. I see it when I serve with the Young Women’s organization, and there is always such a stark contrast in both responsibility and recognition given to young men. I see it when I examine the general leadership of the church and note that there are more than 12 times more men leading the body of the Church than there are women. I see it when we have so much discourse about our Heavenly Father and our relationships with him, but we say nothing of Heavenly Mother.

I love the gospel.  I believe that my Heavenly Parents created, know and love me. I believe that Jesus Christ, my Savior, paid the price needed to get me back to Them. I believe in the gift of the Holy Ghost and that the Spirit of God abides with me as I go through my life. I believe in the power of prayer and the reality of personal revelation that keeps me connected to the divine. I believe that the priesthood is the power of God on earth. I believe that women should be ordained.