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My name is Mary, and I was born into the Mormon faith. My parents are Mormon, their parents are Mormon, and so on back to the 1800s. I was baptized at eight-years-old. I married my husband in the D.C. temple four years ago.

Unfortunately, the temple did not bring me the same peace and comfort that I had been hoping for. The inequality caused me deep distress, and in spite of my resolution to show faith in pursuit of clarity, monthly temple attendance only exacerbated my concerns.

I faithfully served as a member of institute council, visiting teaching coordinator, primary worker, and gospel essentials instructor, while pursuing enlightenment within the temple for my concerns. But unfortunately I cannot find in the temple what my conscience recognizes as truth–there is not equality within those walls, or within the walls of our local meetinghouses. That has to change. And this is why I believe women should be ordained.