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Hi I’m Sarah. I write this as I cook dinner. I am a Mormon wife, and mother. I currently stay at home but have aspirations to be a public school teacher. I believe with all my heart that women should be ordain to the priesthood. I believe that Christ called all women to be equals to men in the church. Just as he called Mary Magdalene to be his witness, he calls all of us to be his witnesses today. The priesthood is that power and authority to act in his name, and officially perform his ordinances. I believe that to ordain women to the priesthood would make the Church more inclusive, and more responsive to the message of equality that taking Christs name upon all of us at baptism suggests. If women are truly the spiritual equals of men, it only makes sense to ordain women. Mary Magdalene may or may not have been ordain to the priesthood, but she suggests to me that Christ expects an active role of women in the church and calls upon all women and men to be witnesses of him and his resurrection. Even if it was not done in the past, it is past time to be done now. God will reveal more to us, line upon line, and precept upon precept. Female ordination is one of those things we know nothing but can know something about, and maybe it is one of those things we need to take in faith instead of full knowledge that it would be good for the Church. Mormon women should be ordained.