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Hi. My name is Wiktoria. I’m from Sweden, Europe. I’m a 47 year old medical doctor, an engineer and have a PhD in Traffic Planning. I became a member at age 18, so this year I’ll be celebrating my 30th aniversary as a member of the Church.

It took many years before I even started thinking about women’s ordination. I basically saw it as a fairly comfortable way to avoid extra work and responsibility. But if I make a comparison to my work, the fact that I do have a medical degree enables me to do so much more for my fellow human beings than I’d be able to do otherwise. The opportunity for women to serve fully in the priesthood as equals to men, must have huge blessings in store for the entire world.

We know our Heavenly Father wants us to seek our own answers. If we don’t ask, we will not know. Imagine, none of us would be in our present circumstances if it wasn’t for Joseph Smith asking that first crucial question. To honestly ask a question and to desire something that is intended to enhance good in the world should never be seen as something wrong or inapropriate. As a researcher I sometimes introduce myself as a “professional question asker”. I therefore find it necessary to put forward the honest question, “Should all worthy members be ordained to the priesthood?” I desire it, not because of power and status, but because it will enhance my ability to serve others, just like my medical degree does. Thus, I belive women should be ordained.